The challenges of the oil and gas industry, as it emerges as a force in the American economy, should not be left to the inexperienced. Geraldine Miller Law Firm acts as legal counsel in oil and gas matters for companies, foreign and domestic.


The oil and gas industry life-cycle

Geraldine Miller Law Firm offers legal and business advice on every aspect of the international oil and gas life cycle—exploration, discovery, authorization, development, production, evacuation of production, marketing and sale of production, transportation and abandonment/decommissioning.

Our partners’ experience and training gives the firm fundamental insight into:

  • The contract matrix and key agreements in the international oil and gas industry
  • The relationship matrix in the international oil and gas industry from a contractual and corporate perspective
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We also advise investors and host committees regarding their expectations as to corporate social responsibility. This is a key area that some investors downplay, to their detriment.